• Friday Prayer- A weekly Jumma prayer that brings a message of spirituality to charge you for your upcoming challenges 

    • First prayer: Friday at 1:35

    • Second prayer: Friday at 2:40

  • Daily Prayer-

    • Fajr- 6:00 AM​

    • Dhuhr- 12:45 PM

    • ​Asr- 3:30 PM​

    • Maghrib- Sunset

    • Isha'a- 9:30 PM

Current Events

Ramadan Mubarak! 

Taraweeh Prayers begin May 5th, 2019.

First day of fasting is Monday, May 6th, 2019.

Halal Restaurants in the Area:

Chunky's Grill & Fry Co.

Gyro Plus

Kabab House


Tikka Express


Get Involved

Sunday School

We are always looking for volunteers and assistants to help with the Sunday School.


Join a subcommittee 

Make you voice heard and join one of our subcommittees to help better our masjid. 


You can sponsor an Iftar or help sponsor supplies. We also are looking for volunteers to help set up the dinners.


Download your Ramadan Calendar.


To help fuel projects to better the masjid as well as maintain and expand the community.

Our goal for Ramadan is to raise $1,000/day during Ramadan.  Please help us reach our goal!

Monthly Open Board Meeting


About Us

The Islamic Community  Center of Gainesville has been around since the 1980's. We have been dedicated to being an integral part of the Gainesville community and providing students and families with a welcoming place to worship and have community activities. Our goal is to bring opportunities of getting closer to Allah (SWT) to muslims and non-muslims as well as to bridge the gap between government and the muslim population they serve.

"Mankind was one single nation, and Allah sent Messengers with glad tidings and warnings; and with them He sent the Book in truth, to judge between people in matters wherein they differed; but the People of the Book, after the clear Signs came to them, did not differ among themselves, except through selfish contumacy. Allah by His Grace guided the believers to the Truth, concerning that wherein they differed. For Allah guided whom He wills to a path that is straight." (Quran 2:213)


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